Entry for February 24, 2008 – The Tractor Man

I was given yet another nick-name this weekend. I was known as “tractor man”. Several of the usual paintball crowd showed up to help clean up some of the overgrown vines and brush on Berryman’s farm.

Naturally, I gravitated to using the tractor.

Mike tried to keep us all productive.

Allen was very cheerful and joyous.

Jim is down to 4 packs a day.

The vine thought Ron’s camelbak tube was a fellow vine and hung on to it, almost hanging and killing Ron.

And there was fire.

And eating

And cooking

Dave and Drake showed up at around lunch time, but I didn’t take any pictures. Drake was pretty funny, he pushed his Tonka truck around the whole place. Dave has some sort of genetic mutation that lets him use two chainsaws at once. He’s a tree cutting machine.

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