Entry for February 08, 2008 – Quadzillia goes to 11psi

I’m sure everyone has been waiting in suspense to find out what ever happened to my daily driver, right?

I made a mistake in thinking it would be easier to just get new bearings for my busted idler pulley. The bearings alone cost $40. I called around and found that the Goodyear Gemini store on east Main would press them in for me. Those morons screwed up and did it wrong, and lost the spacer that fit between the bearings. I wound up ordering a complete idler assembly from Procharger. It was $50… I should have went this route all along.

So it’s all back together now. I made a quick edit of the VCM by fattening up the fuel and backing off the timing so I’d be safe to drive it until I get more time to dial it in correctly. It seems to top out at 11psi at redline, so I might be going a little smaller to get me up to around 14 psi, but this will do for now.

If you are interested in more details, go to:

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