Entry for January 29, 2008 – The Breast Cancer 3-day

I encourage everyone to donate to the Breast Cancer 3-Day. I received the following email from the wife of a friend:

Hello friends and family,

Below is a message from my friend, Molly. I hope that you will support me(and her) in walking these 60-miles over 3 days to help fight for others like Molly. Blessings, Nancy

My name is Molly Chapman and I am so proud of Nancy for joining this walk. I wish I could be walking with her, but I will be there in spirit every step of the way. When she told me that she was planning on walking, I was speechless. Sixty miles is a huge commitment, but that’s the way Nancy does things. I have gotten to know Nancy through her older son Scott who has been in my preschool class for 2 years. She is dedicated to helping the children of the school, but others as well. She’s doing this to help me as well as all other women with cancer, families touched by this horrific disease and friends of victims and survivors.

I have lived with breast cancer for 8 ? years now. I was diagnosed 6 months after undergoing my first hip replacement surgery. I had not been able to pay attention to anything but that pain for so long and had ignored my annual mammograms. After my hip replacement, I decided I was long past due to check out the pain I was feeling in my breast. I was not prepared to hear that I had cancer, much less that it had already spread to my spine, ribs and pelvic area. I underwent chemotherapy, had a mastectomy, another round of chemo, and finally radiation that first year. In the years since, I have had to undergo 3 more rounds of chemo and several rounds of radiation. I also lost my husband 5 years ago and for a while wasn’t sure I wanted to go on living. His place will never be filled, but it is bearable because friends like Nancy who are there for whatever I need.

I had to start chemo again right after school was out last May. Nancy was concerned about what Scott would say about my bald head. I tried to reassure her that he wouldn’t care and he never even noticed except to say that I had on my pink hat. Bless the little children, they do not notice little things like hair loss, just that I was still wearing my smile.

I thank God each day that researchers are finding new treatments all the time for this disease. My latest chemo was not available 5 years ago. It takes millions of dollars to fund this research. Each step that Nancy takes helps bring new drugs and treatments to this fight. I am humbled that Nancy is doing this for me, but I am also so very proud to call her my friend. Thank you, dear Nancy.

PS- Want to help with something more than a monetary donation? Forward this email and/or link to my site on to all of your friends and family. We are all in this together to wipe breast cancer off of the face of the earth!!!!! Nancy

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  1. Jonathan S says:

    Thanks for the plug!

  2. Jonathan S says:

    Wow Brian, I am speechless for both your donation and the fact that it is your blog for the day! Thank you so much, this is awesome!!!! Nancy

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