Entry for January 18, 2008 – Bryson Update

Bryson is getting around pretty good on two legs. He likes to travel to places far away, undiscovered by anyone else…. Luckily, he can’t reach doorknobs yet.

He does like the wood blocks. I think it is a combination of
1- nice tool to use to beat against the furniture (makes lots of noise)
2- loves the natural wood taste
3- good to leave behind for dad to step on

Doors are great because they open up and hide treasures inside. The treasure must be counted and logged, which is best done by spreading out the contents on the floor.

The phone is a new favorite toy. It makes noise when buttons are pressed, and sometimes familiar voices can be recognized on the speaker phone.

Comet is pretty fun to pounce on. He must like it because he always shows up in this same place, ready for another go-round.

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