Entry for January 13, 2008 – Paintball weekend

About a dozen people turned out to play paintball Saturday. I didn’t do too well because the cheap paint I used busted about every 10th ball I shot. We camped out this time and shot guns and had a big camp fire.

This is how a MAN starts a fire!

Jonathan shamed me by shooting me in the ass.

This was the closest Dave came to being still the whole time

Gary is so good, he only uses one knee.

I’ve never seen a better fire manager than Ron

If I let you hold it, you have to promise not to shoot me with it!

Robert can shoot better with a 2″ revolver than I can with a rifle.

I think Allen is smiling because he just stole someone’s chair.

Curtis and Ron went into stealth stalker mode… they were one with the land.

Chris is plotting his tactics.

Notice the blue goo at the front of my barrel? That was from shooting paint foam instead of paint balls.

Between games…

The group photo:

All the pictures are here if you want to download anything.

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