Entry for January 08, 2008 – Vote Smart

I was a little happy this morning to hear that Hillary was doing poorly in the polls…. just based on the fact that “I don’t like that woman”. I’m not sure exactly why. Was it because I heard she took all the silverware from the white house when she left? Was it because she was supposed to be the savior of health-care when Bill took office and then didn’t make an improvement? Not sure.

So, my point is this. One of the most important DUTIES we have as US citizens is to vote, and to use our noggins when we vote, not just vote based on all the hyped-up BS that is surrounding us. (news on TV = entertainment, not truth)

I attended a program by vote-smart in college. They exist to provide unbiased information on our elected officials. Their web site used to be (10 years ago) simple and had little charts for the candidates so you could quickly tell where they stood on issues. Things have changed, now things are more complicated and most all of the candidates have refused to complete their questionnaire , so no more simple charts.

Dang, too much text… I hate that… OK, my point is:

Please research what is going on with “the system” and make a good choice for “what is best” and vote your choice!

(I just hope you don’t have to use one of those electronic voting machines that can be changed without any record…. argh)

If you know of any good resources for this type of information, please let me know.

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