Entry for October 15, 2007 – Guns Up, Bitch!

When I finally made it to the office this morning (pouring rain), a VERY nice Texas Tech trash can was sitting on my desk with the following note:

Inside the trash can was this note:

I can never make comments about Aggie fans… they are first class!

Amber and I were invited over to watch the game with mostly Aggies… it was a rough start when aTm scored first, I thought “this is going to be painfull”. But, we were just playing with them in the beginning, and the domination started and things were good. Steve had lots of good food and beer ready for us all, and we had a great time. I think he is the one who came up with the trash can gig too, so thanks Steve!

(I just talked to my friend who was at the game in Lubbock. He was telling me about all the BS that the TTU fans put him through, so I’m not too proud of their actions)

We had a busy weekend and I have some good pictures to post, but I was up until 2am finally doing my 2006 taxes so I’m beat and haven’t had time yet. Amber posted some of them
here and here, so check them out.

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