Entry for September 06, 2007 – General Update

I guess I’ll just provide a pictorial run-down of stuff that’s been going on lately.

First, Bryson has a couple of teeth coming in. Here is a fuzzy picture you might be able to make them out.

Mom and Grandma came to visit

And they (abandoned me and) went to eat breakfast.

Bryson had some interest in getting to the corner of the room, Amber kept turning him around, but he kept skooching back in the corner.

He has also recently become very interested in his own feet. He spends lots of time holding on to his toes.

Tonight, he spotted the cables coming from Amber’s computer sitting on the table, he made a snail’s pace B-line for them and started chewing on them. Next, he pulled the mouse off the table and thumped himself on the head. I waited for the loud cry of pain, but he was unfazed. He was fascinated with the mouse and played with it for a while. He was almost able to completely delete all the files off of Amber’s computer.

In less-cute news, I’ve started work on building a shed in the backyard. I hope to have enough storage space to finally get organized enough to be able to find things when I need them. If Amber is lucky, she might even get to park in the garage… which would be a Gallimore first.

Dasher appreciates my hard work.

I don’t have a story to go with this one, but thought it was worth including anyway!

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