Entry for August 17, 2007 – WTF

I’m a ham radio guy. I drill holes in my roof for antennas. I love gadgets and gizmo’s and radios too. But I look and this and just have to say, “what is this guy doing?”

When I saw this otherwise nice Avalanche (if you forgive the towing mirrors), I laughed and tried to get a decent picture.

Two small generators and gas cans strapped to the top of the bed cover. Classic.

I can’t figure out what in the hell this guy is doing with all the small-wavelength directional antennas, pointed straight ahead. I could see no way to position them. The trapezoid antenna appears to be focused directly up…. I guess to communicate with the sun at high noon. Excellent!

The whole thing was made out of PCV pipe, painted black, poorly. It was bending pretty badly in the back, where there is no support offered by the roof rack.

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2 Responses to Entry for August 17, 2007 – WTF

  1. Jonathan S says:

    Picture taken locally? If so, it was probably this guy: http://www.qrz.com/callsign/N5AC He's pretty well known around this area, and he's definitely HamSexy. See also http://www.hamsexy.com/cms/?p=454

  2. Brian Gallimore says:

    Yes, that is him. I remember the '5AC' part of the license plate. The interior is impressive, gives me a new hero, sorry J-man, you just went down on my idol list!

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