Entry for July 05, 2007 – Manure Manager

I swear that is a real magazine, not made up. I tried to get my boss to pose in the picture, but he refused.

Anyway, in this month’s edition of “Manure Manager”, there is an article about the plant recently built near Stephenville. I am doing some work to prepare for an equipment change at this plant, and earlier this week traveled with a group of co-workers to verify some things on-site. I was pretty excited to see the plant, since I’ve heard much about it. I was really not prepared for the smell… I was expecting the typical cow manure smell, which I am very familiar with, being from LA (Lubbock Area). The manure however, was the good smelling part of the aromatic sensation. The other material they use in the process is quite possibly the foulest smelling stuff known to man. Oh, and did I mention flies… yes, lots of flies, and crickets, roaches, beetles, and other poop-eating bugs.

If you are interested in the article, you can view it at http://kb5won.tripod.com/microgy.pdf

My poetic Brother had this to say:
What does this say about your career? You started out making diapers, now you’re playing in ‘manure slurries’. Your job is literally, THE SHIT.

I have a little different viewpoint. I say I am becoming an expert in making “shit turn to gold”.

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  1. Amy says:

    Hmm…you do seem to keep working around poo somehow… ;)

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