Entry for June 02, 2007 – Germs and Shopping Carts

Grocery shopping carts are the third most common place for nasty germs according to this Snopes.com article. And remember that handy flip-down seat near the handle just had a kid sitting in it with leaky diaper and some uncooked chicken parts in it before you place your bananas there.

Shared surfaces most favored by germs:

* Household: Kitchen sponge, kitchen sink, toilet bowl, garbage can, refrigerator, bathroom doorknob.

* Workplace: Phone receiver, desktop, keyboard, elevator button, toilet seat.

* Outdoor/public surfaces: Playground equipment, escalator handrail, shopping-cart handle, picnic tables, portable toilet.

Ten things more germ-laden than the average household toilet:

* Phone receiver
* Desktop
* Computer keyboard/mouse
* Doorknob
* Escalator handrail
* Elevator button
* ATM buttons
* Shopping cart handle
* Kitchen sink
* Subway turnstile

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