Explaining the Donut Toy to your Buddies

I was going through some old email and stopped on this one, which I thought was hilliarous at the time, and is still funny today.

Bryan was updating the group on his son’s new developments:

From: Fowler, David

Yeah, but is he still blowing the donut pole instead of fingering the donuts?

From: Ray, Michael

What the heck does that mean?

From: Fowler, David

Ask Bryan. He’ll tell you in graphic detail.

From: Gallimore Brian

I would like to hear this story.

From: Fowler, David

Yes. Please do tell.

From: Ehrsam, Bryan

There is a toy…a central mast with stacked toroidal rings around it of various colors decreasing in diameter as you go up….forming sort of a donut pyramid. This toy has been around since we were babies. Hayden thus far has shown little to no interest in stacking them. Instead he removes each ring one at a time, pausing for chewing time on each one. At the end, when only the mast is left, he puts the first couple of inches into his mouth and all I can say is that it doesn’t look good. I’ve noted, with some dismay, that he spends more time with the mast than with any of the rings.

From: Ray, Michael

Like father, like son…

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  1. OpieDooDoo says:

    I freaking love it..

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