Entry for December 19, 2006 – Google is doing some NEAT stuff

I noticed some new buttons on the screen when I logged in to check my g-mail account. You can use google to store your digital pictures now, for free of course. See below for some pictures I uploaded.
The most impressive thing I see is the “Google Docs & Spreadsheets“. I am not sure how Microsoft has allowed this to happen. This is going to be a direct hit to thier office software. Google allows you to either upload an existing document, or start a new one. They are compatible with all the popular formats (Word, Excel, Open Office, Star Office, Rich Text, CSV, HTML) One of the coolest features is that you can either let others (or the world) view your document, or you can use the collaborate feature to allow others access to your document. It also includes revision control, and a discussion board. All of this is FREE, and doesn’t require any special software other than a web browser!

Check out the Google calendar. I am very impressed with this also. It allows you to create several calendars (ex one for work, one for personal, one for a special club you belong to) and easily manipulate how you view the combined calendar. The cool part is that you can allow others (either a list of people or the world) to view your events, or your free/busy information based on the individual calendar.
This is double-throw-down-cool!

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