Entry for November 28, 2006 – Lee Harvey Oswald did it! (?)

First off, I have to tell you that I have spent time down at Dealey Plaza, listening to the people talking about conspiracy theory.  I even bought a booklet with “proof” that there was multiple shooters, CIA involvement, etc.  I walked around the area, going through all the information, and I was convinced that the grassy knoll was the place where the fatal shot was fired from. 

I just watched a show on the History channel “THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION: BEYOND CONSPIRACY”.  If you are interested in this subject, this is a great show to see.  One of the most impressive things is the 3-D computer model created from all the film footage filmed that day.  It clearly shows how the single bullet traveled through both JFK and John Connally.  Very interesting was all the information they presented on Oswald’s past.  This guy was a nut.  His own brother said that in the 40 years since the assassination, he has had no reason to believe his brother was innocent.  The show debunked the theory of the second shooter from the grassy knoll too.

Now that I have done some searches on the Internet, I see all kinds of controversy over the film itself!  Where does it all end?

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