Entry for November 26, 2006 – The MySpace Black Hole

The long weekend is over.  I had big ambitions…  I needed to get the bookshelves emptied and the office cleaned up.  We need to get things ready for a baby!  I did manage to get a cabinet installed in our bathroom.  That was something I was going to do three years ago and never “got around to it”.  I glued some oak trim boards to the sides of an unfinished cabinet to make it the correct width, then stained and polyurethaned it all.  Now, after living in this house for over four years we have a place to store towels in the master bathroom!

I also worked on my paintball box.  I installed the lid hinges and did some sanding.  Then my sander broke… I’ll put getting that fixed on my list of things to do now.

Anyway, the worst thing that happened was that I started poking around on myspace.com.  It is consuming to start searching for people you once knew and reading about them again.  I went through some of my old school rosters to find people’s names just so I could search for them on myspace.  I must have spent the majority of my holiday on the computer just screwing around on that website. So make me feel better and take a look at my pimped out improvements.

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One Response to Entry for November 26, 2006 – The MySpace Black Hole

  1. Jonathan S says:

    Hahahahahaha, yet another person that has wasted time on myspace. LOL I refuse to do a page, everyone I know that goes there wastes hours/week reading and looking at pages. Sorry you got sucked in. Nancy

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