Entry for September 05, 2006 – We are pregnant!

We have been waiting to tell everyone the big news until now.  As of last week, Amber was 8 week pregnant with our first child.  The due date is mid-April.  We are very excited, and I am sure we will become very busy as things progress.  We are going in for another ultrasound at 12 weeks.

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2 Responses to Entry for September 05, 2006 – We are pregnant!

  1. Jonathan S says:


    Just think, in about 10 years, you'll have free labor to help with your next project!

    Nancy says "SHUT! UP!" Congrats again!

  2. Ryan B says:

    Fantabulous!! Great news, you guys!!!! Looking forward to hearing all the reports as things progress.

    Nothing's better than your own little person, who either
    (boy) – wants to be just like you, do everything exactly like you, right down to the way you eat your cereal…
    Or (girl) – is madly in love with you, wants to be pretty for you all day, and wants to marry you and no one else because nobody else can make the pancakes right…

    YOU'RE GONNA HAVE A BLAST!!!! Congrats, you two!!

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