Entry for September 04, 2006 – Busy Weekend

(photo here – if Braxton ever sends me one)

We had a busy weekend.  I finished the base of the patio by getting the slope of the gravel base set up, then packing it all with a tamper on Friday. 

Saturday, Brandon came over and helped.  We placed two pieces of EMT conduit down, then sand, and leveled out the sand with a straight 2×6 board using the conduit as skids.  Then we started laying the pavers in the “muster K” pattern, finishing the edges with plastic retainer.  It looks great.

Saturday evening, we went over to the block party, where one of my neighbors had a fish fry.  I got to meet more people and drink beer, hard to beat that.

Then we drove down to Austin for Amber’s cousin Trent’s wedding.  The reception was on the 17th floor of the Hyatt, overlooking the river and downtown Austin.  What a view!  We ate like kings, had a wonderful time, and got to catch up with the family.  The finale was getting to eat at Rudy’s on the way home!

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