Entry for June 25, 2006 – Man vs. Woman – Tolerance to Pain


We had a cooler full of ice, water, beer and cokes. I started emptying it out so we wouldn’t have a cooler full of ice, water, beer, cokes, and mold. As I dipped my hands in to retrieve the cans, I was reminded of the severe pain experienced with very cold water.

I have often wondered if I experience more pain than other people. I convinced Amber to help me in a little experiment… With the cooler empty of all contents except about 6 inches of icy cold water, we agreed to each place one hand, all the way in, with our palms completely touching the bottom surface of the cooler, and see who could withstand the pain the longest.

We set a timer and, GO!

I tried to convince myself that I was on a hot desert, because I have heard that your brain can simply ignore pain receptors if you make it. This didn’t work at all. Pain was shooting right up my arm, and I almost fainted. 20 seconds. Amber was still fully immersed. 30, 40, 50…she finally gave up at 60 seconds.

It is confirmed. I am a wussie.

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