Entry for May 14, 2006 – 4 new holes for antennas in the roof


I spent the day working on the roof of my pickup. First, my brother and I removed the headliner, then we installed a Yakima permanent rack. After he left, I drilled 4 new 3/4” holes, and installed 4 new Larsen NMO mounts. Here are my plans for the antenna mounts as of now:

1- Active GPS antenna

2- Combination cell phone / wireless LAN antenna

3- 2 meter APRS antenna

4- Undetermined

After I had the antennas installed, I ran a piece of shielded twisted pair cable up roof mounted console. I will use this later to transmit GPS data for the LCD display. Lastly, I sprayed a layer of rubberized undercoating on the roof, to cut down on noise some.

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